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Gale Tech Support

  • Technical Support (24/7)

  • 1-800-877-4253 Option 4

  • Fax: 248-699-8049

  • Gale.TechnicalSupport@

Gale Contacts K-12 Libraries

  • Geoffrey Thieke

  • Field Account Executive

  • K12 Sales

  • 1-800-877-4253 (x 2253)

  • Fax: (248) 699-8043


  • Caroline Drexler

  • Inside Account Executive

  • 1-800-877-4253 (x 1620)

  • Fax: (248) 699-8043


Welcome New Jersey Schools !

Participating Schools and Libraries

Images and Icons for your web pages

Placing a cover image icon on your library or instructor web page is a great strategy for driving usage of your GVRL collection

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MARC Record files and Instructions

Download MARC Edit ->> MARC Edit

1. Click on appropriate Link:

2. Convert MARC Record file into a text file with MARCEdit(MarcBreaker) or a similiar type of program

3. Use a text editor to globally replace "q=locid" with q="your unique location id"

4. Use MARC Record program to convert the file back to a MARC Record format usually with a file extension of .mrc

5. Load your Gale MARC Records into your Library System

Add a PowerSearch box to your web page

Adding the Powersearch Box to you library home page allows your students and staff to find and search all of your Gale content without ever leaving your home page