Featured eBooks

  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic DisordersThe Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders
    Provides clear, complete information on genetic disorders, including conditions, tests, procedures, treatments and therapies, in articles that are both comprehensive and easy to understand in language accessible to laypersons.
  • Women in American SocietyWomen in American Society
    Explores the lives of women in American society.
  • History in Dispute:  Vol 1History in Dispute: Vol 1
    Addresses heavily debated questions by offering different critical perspectives on major historical events, drawn from all time periods and from all parts of the globe.
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of MedicineThe Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
    Includes information on more than 1,600 medical disorders and concepts.
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of ScienceThe Gale Encyclopedia of Science
    Designed for high-school students and lay adults, this collection of entries covers major areas of science including: biology, genetics, microbiology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, engineering, technology, geology, weather, archaeology, psychology, mathematics, and medicine, and provides readers with a wide range of up-to-date, relevant, and accurate information.
  • AbortionAbortion
    Provides both sides of the divisive argument surrounding abortion.
  • Women in World HistoryWomen in World History
    Covers women of historical interest worldwide, from around 3100 BCE to the modern age, from every walk of life-artists, pirates, scientists, athletes, philanthropists, adventurers, politicians, pacifists, saints, and courtesans, even those famous for just being famous.
  • Encyclopedia of ReligionEncyclopedia of Religion
    The second edition of a resource that is considered a standard reference in the field.
  • Defending the BordersDefending the Borders
    A factbook on the role of immigration and border control in homeland security, written for young adults.
  • Alternative EnergyAlternative Energy
    This three-volume set introduces students to issues surrounding both current energy sources and alternative energy options.