Featured eBooks

  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative MedicineThe Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
    Covers all aspects of the subject including therapies, conditions/diseases, herbs/plants, and people.
  • Americans at WarAmericans at War
    Covers major American conflicts from the Colonial Wars through the War on Terrorism in the context of cultural and social events and conditions on the home front.
  • Growing Old in AmericaGrowing Old in America
    Explores the current condition of growing old in the United States.
  • International Dictionary of Films and FilmmakersInternational Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers
    Provides thorough coverage of films and filmmakers, including legendary films, actors and actresses, directors, writers and other production artists.
  • Encyclopedia of World BiographyEncyclopedia of World Biography
    A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of MedicineThe Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
    Includes information on more than 1,600 medical disorders and concepts.
  • Sports in AmericaSports in America
    Explores the role of sports in American society.
  • Electronic AmericaElectronic America
    Discusses how the United States has been affected by the rapid development and adoption of new electronic devices, programs, and other technologies.
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of CancerThe Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer
    Comprehensive survey of 120 cancers, cancer drugs, traditional and alternative treatments, side effects and diagnostic procedures.
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of ScienceThe Gale Encyclopedia of Science
    Designed for high-school students and lay adults, this collection of entries covers major areas of science including: biology, genetics, microbiology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, engineering, technology, geology, weather, archaeology, psychology, mathematics, and medicine, and provides readers with a wide range of up-to-date, relevant, and accurate information.