Featured eBooks

  • St. James Encyclopedia of Labor History WorldwideSt. James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide
    The 2-vol.
  • U.S. Immigration and Migration Reference LibraryU.S. Immigration and Migration Reference Library
    Chronicles and interpretations of the phenomenal waves of immigration to the United States from the earliest times through the period from 1820 to 1930, when the United States was the destination of some 60% of the world's immigrants -- up to the present day, when restrictive policies have temporarily stanched the flow of immigrants.
  • History in Dispute:  Vol 15History in Dispute: Vol 15
    Addresses heavily debated questions by offering different critical perspectives on major historical events, drawn from all time periods and from all parts of the globe.
  • AbortionAbortion
    Provides both sides of the divisive argument surrounding abortion.
  • Women in World HistoryWomen in World History
    Covers women of historical interest worldwide, from around 3100 BCE to the modern age, from every walk of life-artists, pirates, scientists, athletes, philanthropists, adventurers, politicians, pacifists, saints, and courtesans, even those famous for just being famous.
  • World of Sports ScienceWorld of Sports Science
    Covers theoretical and practical treatment of all aspects of sports science and exercise physiology, kinesiology, and biomechanics.
  • World War II Reference LibraryWorld War II Reference Library
    Provides background and information on major topics about the World War II period, biographies of significant men and women involved in the war, and primary sources such as full or excerpted speeches, diary entries, newspaper accounts and other original documents.
  • Encyclopedia of the Great DepressionEncyclopedia of the Great Depression
    This 2-vol.
  • Environmental Issues: Essential Primary SourcesEnvironmental Issues: Essential Primary Sources
    A focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.
  • Science and ScientistsScience and Scientists
    Documents the major breakthroughs in science from ancient times to the present with emphasis on the modern era.