• Social Trends and Indicators USASocial Trends and Indicators USA
    Provides detailed statistics on social issues paired with expert analyses of the statistics. Statistics are gathered from respected sources; including the Bureau of Labor Statistics; Bureau of the Census; Bureau of Economic Analysis; and the Social Security Administration.
  • Encyclopedia of Clothing and FashionEncyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion
    This broad-based set surveys clothing; body adornment; and examines the origins of clothing; the development of fabrics and technologies; and the social meanings of dress. It also presents information on representative costumes from a wide variety of historical eras; which are frequently the topic of student research.
  • Crime and Punishment in America Reference LibraryCrime and Punishment in America Reference Library
    Covering the evolution of the American criminal justice system throughout history; Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library explores everything from juvenile justice to organized crime.
  • U*X*L Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic FeaturesU*X*L Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic Features
    Focuses on the physical and geological aspects; structure; and features of 48 of the earth's landforms - what they are; how they look; how they were created; how they change over time; and major geological events associated with them.
  • Great Depression and the New Deal Reference LibraryGreat Depression and the New Deal Reference Library
    Covering both the disastrous failure of the economy and its gradual recovery; U*X*L's Great Depression and New Deal Reference Library examines the causes of the depression; the impact of unemployment and under-employment; the disorder in Germany after World War I that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler; and much more.
  • Water: Science and IssuesWater: Science and Issues
    Integrates key concepts; current issues; traditional and emerging research; and major legislation in three subject areas: fresh water; marine waters; and policy and management. These topics are complemented by historical overviews; biographical sketches; and career information.
  • Environmental EncyclopediaEnvironmental Encyclopedia
    Provides in-depth; worldwide coverage of environmental issues. Each article is written in a nontechnical style and provides current status; analysis; and suggested solutions whenever possible.
  • Checks and Balances: The Three Branches of the American GovernmentChecks and Balances: The Three Branches of the American Government
    Offers easy-to-understand information about the U.S. federal government’s inner workings. Includes historical overviews and examinations of the day-to-day operations of each branch; including information on each branch’s Constitutional duties and obligations.
  • Industrial Revolution Reference LibraryIndustrial Revolution Reference Library
    The Industrial Revolution transformed much of the world from simple agricultural society into a complex industrial society. This reference covers the ideas and social turmoil that marked this transition as well as the machines; manufacturing processes and energy sources that spurred it on.
  • Harlem RenaissanceHarlem Renaissance
    Centered around Harlem; a section of New York City and a thriving center of African American life and culture in the 1920s; the Harlem Renaissance was a time of great artistic and intellectual achievement in the African American community.