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The lists below include the current Gale Group / Minitex program member names and LocationIDs/Usernames. These lists will be updated as new registration requests are processed. LocationIDs are used to form the URLs used to reach the InfoTrac databases. The LocationID is appended to the InfoTrac URL as follows:<LocationID>

For example, if the Anyville Public Library LocationID is 'mnpanypl', users can reach the InfoTrac databases by pointing their browsers to:

If host IP authorization is not enabled, access to InfoTrac Web is available using a "dialup" protocol. This is an alternative method of automating access from desktop browsers inside the library or on campus. A password is used to acquire a cookie; this cookie is then used during subsequent InfoTrac logons to automate authentication. The password to acquire this cookie is available from Thomson Gale Technical Support.

Librarians and system administrators are encouraged to initialize each public access PC/browser by logging them into InfoTrac before users are given access. Please do not give this password to anyone to use outside the library; it is for in-library use only.

Direct users to individual databases and search interfaces can be done by creating special URL's. See forming URLs and logon automation.

These lists will be updated as new registrations are processed. Please allow three to five business days for new registrations. Note: North Dakota and South Dakota program member IDs are being handled separately. If you have questions about the status of your registration, installation or configuration, please contact us directly.

Location ID Location Name City
ndacad_58072zndv Valley City State University Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58075zndw Mildred Johnson Library, NDSCS Grand Forks
ndacad_58105ztrn North Dakota State University Libraries Grand Forks
ndacad_58202zund University of ND/Chester Fritz Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58202zune Thormodsgard Law Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58202zunf Harley E French Library of the Health S Grand Forks
ndacad_58257znmy Mayville State University Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58301zlrj Paul Hoghaug Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58316ztmz Turtle Moutain Community Grand Forks
ndacad_58318zbsf MSU-Bottineau Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58335z324 Valerie Merrick Memorial Library unknown
ndacad_58405zndj Raugust Library, Jamestown College Grand Forks
ndacad_58436ztbi Graham Library / Trinity Bible College Grand Forks
ndacad_58504z112 United Tribes Technical College Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58504zndm University of Mary Welder Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58506znbj Bismarck State College Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58601zndi Dickinson State Uni - Stoxen Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58707znmi Minot State University - Olson Library Grand Forks
ndacad_58763z327 Fort Berthold Reservation Library unknown
ndacad_58801zunw Williston State College Library Grand Forks
ndk12a_58000z116 North Dakota Schools Grand Forks
ndk12a_58012z121 Central Cass School Casselton
ndk12a_58027z115 Enderlin Public Schools Grand Forks
ndk12a_58030z150 Fairmount School District 18 Grand Forks
ndk12a_58058z165 Mantador Public Schools Mantador
ndk12a_58071zdmb Maple Valley Oriska School Libraries Tower City
ndk12a_58072z131 Valley City Public Schools Valley City
ndk12a_58072z138 St. Catherine School Valley City
ndk12a_58078z114 West Fargo Public Schools Grand Forks
ndk12a_58081z139 Wyndmere Public School Library Wyndmere
ndk12a_58102z117 Fargo Public School Libraries Grand Forks
ndk12a_58201z130 Grand Forks Public Schools Grand Forks
ndk12a_58203zncr ND Vision Resource Center Grand Forks
ndk12a_58227z122 Edinburg School Library Edinburg
ndk12a_58230zdzf Finley-Sharon School Library Finley
ndk12a_58244z142 Midway Public School #128 Inkster
ndk12a_58265z124 Neche Public School Library Grand Forks
ndk12a_58270z140 Park River School Public Library Park River
ndk12a_58271zdkp Pembina City School Library Pembina
ndk12a_58301z161 Devils Lake Public Schools Devils Lake
ndk12a_58301zznf ND School for the Deaf Grand Forks
ndk12a_58317z152 Bisbee-Egeland School Library Bisbee
ndk12a_58318zbps Bottineau Public Schools Grand Forks
ndk12a_58330z136 Adams Edmore Public School Edmore
ndk12a_58367z137 Mount Pleasant Public Schools Rolla
ndk12a_58384z125 Willow City Public School Library Grand Forks
ndk12a_58402z171 Jamestown Public Schools unknown
ndk12a_58420z151 Pingree-Buchanan Elementary Buchanan
ndk12a_58421zcps Carrington Public Schools Carrington
ndk12a_58455z169 Kensal Public School Kensal
ndk12a_58474z146 Oakes Public School Oakes
ndk12a_58495z148 Wishek Public School Wishek
ndk12a_58504zbiz Bismarck Public Schools Grand Forks
ndk12a_58523z157 Beulah Public Schools Beulah
ndk12a_58544z153 HMB High School Hazelton
ndk12a_58545z164 Hazen Public Library Hazen
ndk12a_58554z147 Mary Stark Elementary Mandan Pub School Mandan
ndk12a_58554zzne ND Youth Correctional Center Grand Forks
ndk12a_58561znap Napoleon Public Schools Napoleon
ndk12a_58575z133 Turtle Lake Mercer School Turtle Lake
ndk12a_58579z166 Wilton Public Schools Wilton
ndk12a_58621zbea Beach Public Schools Grand Forks
ndk12a_58622z163 Belfield Public School Belfield
ndk12a_58623z135 Bowman High School Bowman
ndk12a_58640z160 Killdeer Public Schools Killdeer
ndk12a_58647z159 New England Public School New England
ndk12a_58652z167 Richardton-Taylor Public Schools Richardton
ndk12a_58653z143 Scranton Public School Scranton
ndk12a_58656z162 Taylor Richardton Elementary Library Taylor
ndk12a_58721z158 Bowbells Public Schools Bowbells
ndk12a_58759z170 Max Public School Max
ndk12a_58761z141 Mohall Public School Mohall
ndk12a_58762z126 Newburg United Public School Newburg
ndk12a_58770z149 Parshall Elementary School Parshall
ndk12a_58771z155 Plaza Public School Plaza
ndk12a_58775z120 White Shield School Library Roseglen
ndk12a_58781z144 Sawyer School Sawyer
ndk12a_58788z168 Towner Public Schools Towner
ndk12a_58790zvsp Velva School & Public Library Velva
ndk12a_58793z127 Westhope Public School Westhope
ndk12a_58854z123 Watford City High School Watford City
ndk12h_58045zhiz Hillsboro High School / Public Library Grand Forks
ndk12h_58054z176 Lisbon High School unknown
ndk12h_58060z197 Milnor High School unknown
ndk12h_58075z295 Wahpeton High School unknown
ndk12h_58102z129 Shanley High School Media Center Grand Forks
ndk12h_58102z134 Oak Grove Lutheran School Fargo
ndk12h_58220z68 Cavalier High School unknown
ndk12h_58240zdhz Hatton Public Schools Hatton
ndk12h_58261z202 Minto High School unknown
ndk12h_58267z222 Northwood High School unknown
ndk12h_58276z251 Saint Thomas High School unknown
ndk12h_58278z276 Thompson High School unknown
ndk12h_58282z296 Walhalla High School unknown
ndk12h_58316z132 Turtle Mountain Community High School Belcourt
ndk12h_58329z88 Dunseith High School Unknown
ndk12h_58341z145 Harvey Public Schools Harvey
ndk12h_58351z198 Minnewaukan High School unknown
ndk12h_58356z214 New Rockford High School unknown
ndk12h_58361z301 Warwick High School unknown
ndk12h_58365z240 Rock Lake High School unknown
ndk12h_58366z243 Rolette High School unknown
ndk12h_58368z247 Rugby High School unknown
ndk12h_58369z250 Saint John High School unknown
ndk12h_58374z258 Sheyenne High School unknown
ndk12h_58377z268 Starkweather High School unknown
ndk12h_58385z320 Wolford High School unknown
ndk12h_58413z33 Ashley High School unknown
ndk12h_58433z89 Edgeley High School unknown
ndk12h_58436z95 Ellendale High School unknown
ndk12h_58463z191 McClusky High School unknown
ndk12h_58466z185 Litchville Marion High School unknown
ndk12h_58467z196 Medina High School unknown
ndk12h_58482z269 Steele Dawson High School unknown
ndk12h_58486z274 Sykeston High School unknown
ndk12h_58487z275 Tappen High School unknown
ndk12h_58492z316 Wimbeldon High School unknown
ndk12h_58501z113 St. Mary's Central High School Library Grand Forks
ndk12h_58529z64 Carson High School unknown
ndk12h_58530z70 Center High School Unknown
ndk12h_58533z94 Elgin High School unknown
ndk12h_58535z106 Flasher High School unknown
ndk12h_58541z154 Golden Valley School Library Golden Valley
ndk12h_58552z175 Linton High School unknown
ndk12h_58563z216 New Salem High School unknown
ndk12h_58568z256 Selfridge High School unknown
ndk12h_58570z261 Solen Cannoball High School unknown
ndk12h_58576z287 Underwood High School unknown
ndk12h_58577z302 Washburn High School unknown
ndk12h_58581z322 Zeeland High School unknown
ndk12h_58601zzng Trinity High School / Dickinson Grand Forks
ndk12h_58602zdiz Dickinson High School Library Grand Forks
ndk12h_58636zhal Halliday School Library Grand Forks
ndk12h_58651z238 Rhame High School unknown
ndk12h_58655z262 South Heart High School unknown
ndk12h_58701z118 Minot Public Schools Grand Forks
ndk12h_58710z31 Anamoose High School unknown
ndk12h_58718z38 Berthold High School Unknown
ndk12h_58736z85 Drake High School unknown
ndk12h_58756z180 Makoti North Shore High School unknown
ndk12h_58757z183 Mandaree High School unknown
ndk12h_58763z218 New Town High School unknown
ndk12h_58773z235 Powers Lake High School unknown
ndk12h_58782z257 Sherwood High School unknown
ndk12h_58784z265 Stanley High School unknown
ndk12h_58785z273 Surrey High School unknown
ndk12h_58795z309 Wildrose High School unknown
ndk12h_58801z119 Williston Public Schools Grand Forks
ndk12h_58852z277 Tioga High School unknown
ndk12h_58853z280 Trenton Eight Mile High School unknown
ndodin_58202z110 LaND Statewide Databases Grand Forks
ndpub_58068z128 Local Libraries via MLGC Telephone Grand Forks
ndpubl_58075zlea Leach Public Library / Wahpeton Grand Forks
ndpubl_58102znfg Fargo Public Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58201zngf Grand Forks Public Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58318zboc Bottineau County Public Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58401znja Alfred Dickey Library Jamestown
ndpubl_58405zd7t Stutsman County Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58501zbpl Bismarck Public Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58505znds North Dakota State Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58554znmd Mandan Public Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58601zdip Dickinson Area Public Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58621zgvc Golden Valley County Public Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58638z156 Hebron Public Library Hebron
ndpubl_58701znmp Minot Public Library Grand Forks
ndpubl_58801znwy Williston Community Library Grand Forks
ndsample Minitex ODIN North Dakota Grand Forks
ndsendit_58105z1 ND Statewide Databases Grand Forks
ndspec_58102zvah VA Medical Center Library (ND) Grand Forks
ndspec_58108zdhf Dakota Heartland Health System Library Grand Forks
ndspec_58122zfsh MeritCare Health System Library Grand Forks
ndspec_58206zgfh Altru Hospital Library Grand Forks
ndspec_58401zjsh ND State Hospital Health Science Librar Grand Forks
ndspec_58501zbqr Q&R Medcenter One Health Sciences Libra Grand Forks
ndspec_58505zdkt North Dakota Supreme Court Law Library Grand Forks
ndspec_58505zhnd State Historical Society of N. Dakota Bismarck
ndspec_58506zsa3 St. Alexius Medical Library Grand Forks
ndspec_58701zmtm Angus L Cameron Medical Library Grand Forks
odinhwrc ODIN - Health and Wellness Resource Ctr Grand Forks
template_odin Template Carrington


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See forming URLs and logon automation for more information.

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