Thomson Gale PowerSearch gives you all the tools you need to search across multiple Gale collections of periodical and reference content, while efficiently managing your results. With the cross-search feature of Thomson Gale PowerSearch, you can search one, several, or even all available databases simultaneously.

Not sure what you'll find in a particular database? Thomson Gale PowerSearch makes it easy for you to select the databases most appropriate to include in your cross-search by providing an alphabetical listing of databases along with product descriptions. You may even decide to leave Thomson Gale PowerSearch and continue your research directly in a single Gale database.

Deploy Thomson/Gale PowerSearch in your Library

PowerSearch can be deployed in your library using one of two methods:

  1. Use the new URL format
  2. Enable PowerSearch using InfoTrac configuration (ITConfig) settings

The details and benefits of each method are discussed on this website (below). If you have questions about how best to deploy PowerSearch in your library, contact your Gale program technical administrator directly. Help is also available from Gale's technical support department (see information at left).

MLA 2005 PowerSearch Presentation Outline

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PowerSearch Interface
  Gale Virtual Reference Library
  Cross Search GVRL/Periodicals
Deploy TGPS in your Library
  New URL
  Configuration Settings
  Supported Databases
Technical Support
  1 800 877 4253 (option 4)
  Gale Customer Service
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Use the New URL  

A PowerSearch URL takes the following forms

- Common Menu (allow users to select any or all databases)<locID>

- Direct to Search Dialog (begin searching a single DB as indicated in the URL's query data) [see Release Note]<locID>&prod=EAIM

- Direct to PowerSearch Dialog (begin searching multiple DB as indicated in the URL's query data)<locID>&prod=EAIM_CDB_BCPM&app=TPS

This approach allows you to deploy links to PowerSearch selectively, by making links available to specific user groups or individuals for testing and review purposes, before exposing it to the larger user population.

Enable PowerSearch using ITConfig top of page^

If you have access to your InfoTrac configuration facility (ITConfig)*, select the Location profile for your library and check the box next to "Enable PowerSearch".

For libraries using the InfoTrac common menu, links such as<locationID>

will now present the user with the PowerSearch common menu, allowing access to each database in the collection, as well as cross-searching functionality. You can identify the titles you want preselected for cross-searching at the beginning of each session using the checkbox next to each title listed in the Location profile. Note that users will always be able to select or de-select these titles in the PowerSearch common menu.

Note: While in initial release, PowerSearch URLs that specify a single database, such as<locationID>?db=<dbCode>

will continue to link users to the classic InfoTrac search dialog [see Release Note]. From this dialog, however, users can back-link to the new PowerSearch collection and cross-search menu. Use ITConfig to enable PowerSearch for links already deployed on your website. No changes to your existing URLs are required.

* Access to the configuration utility may be limited according to your program's implementation policy and/or contractual agreements. Contact your Gale program technical administrator for access information.

Supported Databases top of page^

Among the databases licensed through the Montana statewide agreement, the following may be cross-searched using the new PowerSearch platform:

Database Name DB Code (prod=)
Business and Company ASAP BCPM
Computer Database CDB
Expanded Academic ASAP EAIM
Gale Virtual Reference Library GVRL-0
General Reference Center Gold GRGM
Health Reference Center Academic HRCA
InfoTrac OneFile ITOF
InfoTrac Custom Newspapers SP01
Junior Edition STOJ
Student Edition STOM
LegalTrac LT
Professional Collection SP02

The following titles are also available through the statewide licensing agreement, and will appear on the TGPS common menu, but are not yet cross-searchable:

Business & Company Resource Center BCRC
Discovering Collection DC
Health & Wellness Resource Center HWRC
Junior Edition - K12 Interface K12J
Student Edition - K12 Interface K12S
Kid's InfoBits ITKE
What Do I Read Next WDIRN

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