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2/23/2012 -

Legacy Widgets

PowerSearch and eBooks Create
Gale's PowerSearch 2.0 create
Gale Virtual Reference Library (eBooks) create
eBook Subcollections create
Special Widgets Create
What Would You Like to do Today? create
Questia School create
One-Click Financials create
Consumer Product Reviews create
Health Resources create
Media Search create
Primary Source Media Guides create
Publications (select from several publications) create
VideoHound's Movie create create
Product Searches Create
17th & 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers create
19th Century UK Periodicals create
19th Century British Library Newspapers create
19th Century U.S. Newspapers create
Academic OneFile create
Agriculture Collection create
ASCD (Education Collection) create
Archives Unbound (Search: With Collections) create
Archives Unbound (Search) create
British Literary Manuscripts Online create
Biography in Context create
Books & Authors create
Business Economics and Theory Collection create
Business Insights: Essentials create
Business Insights: Global create
Canada in Context create
Career Transitions create create
Communication and Mass Media Collection create
Computer Databases create
Contemporary Authors create
CPI.Q create
Culinary Arts Collection create
Declassified Documents Resource System create
Demographics Now create
Dictionary of Literary Biography Complete Online create
Discovering Collection create
Diversity Studies Collection create
Educator's Reference Complete create
Eighteenth Century Collections Online create
Environmental Studies and Policy Collection create
Expanded Academic ASAP create
Gale Artemis: Primary Sources create
Gale Directory Library create
Gale NewsVault create
Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection create
General OneFile create
Global Issues in Context create
General Reference Center create
General Reference Center Gold create
GREENR create
Genealogy Connect create
Health & Wellness Resource Center create
Health Reference Center Academic create
Home Improvement Collection create
ˇInforme! create
InfoTrac Junior Edition create
InfoTrac Student Edition create
Junior Reference Collection create
Kids InfoBits create
Learn4Life create
LegalForms create
LegalTrac create
Literature Criticism Online create
Literature Resource Center create
Literature Resources from Gale create
LitFinder create
The Making of the Modern World create
The Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926 create
Military & Intelligence create
LitFinder for Schools create
MLA International Biology create
National Geographic Kids create
National Geographic Virtual Library create
News Stand create
Nineteenth Century Collections Online create
Nursing Resource Center create
Opposing Viewpoints in Context create
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center create
Powerspeak Languages create
Professional Development Collection create
PriceIt! Antiques & Collectables create
Sabin Americana create
Science in Context create
Shakespeare Collection, The create
Slavery and Anti-Slavery create
Small Business Resource Center create
Smithsonian Collections Online create
Something About The Author Online create
State Papers Online create
Student Resources in Context create
Student Resource Center Junior create
Student Resource Center - College Expand create
Student Resource Center - Health create
Testing & Education Reference Center create
TLS Historical Archive: 1902 - 2006 create
The Times Digital Archive create
U.S. History in Context create
World History in Context create
Gale World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean create


Database Click Widgets create